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Report: 58% Of World’s Japanese Speakers White 23-Year-Old American Males

I could tag so many friends in this it’s shameful

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Totally ineffective armour ugh


Totally ineffective armour ugh

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How frikkin cool!

How frikkin cool!

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Yes, that’s makeup.

There’s a good reason we see more paintings of faces than paintings on faces: The face is not a good canvas. That’s what makes these photos by Moscow photographer Alexander Khoklov so impressive: They collapse three dimensions into two and defy the eye to discern whether what it’s seeing is really a photo.

[MORE: Trippy Face Paintings Turn People Into 2-D Canvases]

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hahaha get it

This is even worse than Dad jokes..

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That’s right, Part 2 is finally here!

To all my followers, sorry this has taken so long. Some crazy things happened over the past month. However, Pixel Shift should be returning to it’s regular schedule going forward. Quite a few apps have been added to my list recently, and I can’t wait to share…

SO yeah, if I could learn to UX Design like this, that’d be great.